New Student Orientation Review 2015

A brief summary from Jennifer Collery, our Orientation Leader for 2015

Orientation for UCD Library means welcoming all the new students in as many ways as we can. Each year we create a programme of events in coordination with the overall UCD Orientation timetable. We do our best to get students into the Library, talking to our staff and using our services.

Some of the ways we have done that this year include a competition to introduce students to borrowing books using self-service facilities, a special New Students Webpage, a welcome desk for new students with a range of branded give-away items, and a “Meet the Library Talk & Tour” for the first two weeks of term.

Each of these activities has seen active take-up by students. With a prize of either a Go-Pro Camera or Kindle the “Borrow a Book” competition this year has proved extremely popular with almost 650 entries. The New Students Information Desk in the James Joyce Library had 637 individual visitors in just our first week. We were almost cleared out of give-away items by the end of the second week. Our New Students webpage has become increasingly popular before and during Orientation. It had 5,284 page views in the first four weeks – a great success.

Peer Mentors, yet again, provided fantastic support to the Library by bringing 3,334 new students into our libraries, showing them the main facilities, and providing general encouragement. Getting advice and direction from someone who has only very recently been a new student themselves is a great way to find out essential information. UCD Library value this service immensely.

Not only do we run our own programme of events, we also are part of other Orientation activities around the University. We provide workshops for students attending the pre-Semester Mature Students Writing Academy and to students attending the Access to Arts, Humanities, and Science programmes. We had pop-up information stands at the ever popular International and GradsConnect Fairs happening in the UCD Global Lounge and O’Brien Centre.

All in all it has been a busy Orientation period, and our aspiration is that the multiple events on offer will motivate new UCD students to get the best UCD Library has to offer.


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