Mystery Box of 1929 Live Bullets found in UCD Archives

By UCD Archives Staff
Bullets1 Bullets2
The deposit of a collection of private papers from its original location to UCD Archives is usually a fairly routine affair. Knowing the individual concerned means that we have reasonable expectations for the kinds of material that will be created and held by that individual over the course of his/her life. Depending on the circumstances of the deposit, we are often provided with a detailed inventory. Sometimes we are not, and the first time that we encounter the material is when it arrives at the repository door.
All our expectations were confounded by a collection recently transferred to UCD Archives. In the course of boxing up the material, a box full of live ammunition was discovered. We contacted the UCD SIRC Office who contacted the Gardaí. The UCD SIRC Office moved the ammunition to a bomb proof safe until the Gardaí arrived. There was an envelope dated 1929 on which the bullets were sitting so they are probably bullets from the Irish Revolutionay period! The mystery is that this is not a collection connected to that period of Irish history and no one in the family has any idea how the bullets found their way into the boxes of papers which were stored in their home for many years

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