Space Projects for Early 2016 in James Joyce Library

​Additional user spaces and storage areas will be renovated in the James Joyce Library in 2016, following on from the creation of our Writing Centre and Classroom spaces last semester.This work​ is being done to prepare for a future overall refurbishment of the James Joyce Library building.

The projects include: more storage for Special Collections; moving the Civil Engineering Collection and the PC Lab on level 3; new office space development.

The UCD Special Collections Store project will have the most impact on our users.  The project will begin in January 2016, and will take 12 weeks. It will involve the removal to temporary storage of all Special Collections stock. Special Collections services will be limited while this refurbishment is taking place. The reading room will remain open, but there will be very limited retrieval services available during January, February and March, and only by appointment. When the Special Collections stock is being moved there will be no service available. Please check our website for updates, especially before traveling, and contact us in advance to find out what services are available.

What is being done?
The storage area that houses important UCD cultural heritage materials will be refurbished and expanded to provide badly needed additional storage space. The installation of new compact shelving will effectively treble the storage capacity in this area, and also greatly improve storage conditions.

Please see our project page at fuller details of all of these space works scheduled for early 2016.


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