Meet our Library Staff 2: Michelle Latimer

Michelle joined UCD Library as a Library Assistant in August 2004, where she worked in Richview Library.  In January 2006 Michelle worked as a temporary Senior Library Assistant in Pure and Applied Science on Level 4. Having returned to Richview Library in March of that year, Michelle subsequently took on the role of Senior Library Assistant in the Veterinary Library in August 2007 until February 2012.

After a brief stint as the Level 2-4 Senior Library Assistant, Michelle moved to the newly formed Planning and Administration Unit where is she is the Office Manager and PA to the Librarian.

In January 2016 Michelle moved to office number 414 on Level 4, the fact that she was sitting in the exact same seat albeit facing the opposite direction, 10 years ago is not lost on her.

When Michelle is not working she enjoys playing canasta,performing with Cirque du Soleil in the Royal Albert Hall (just the once mind!) and patting the heads of dogs tied up outside shops.

As a child Michelle longed to be either a Show Jumper or a Secret Agent, and what’s to say that working as an Office Manager in a university library isn’t the perfect cover for the latter. Michelle is heading off on a top secret mission mid-June for two weeks…..

Mlatimer cropped




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