Meet our Library Staff 3: Monica Glynn

Library Services Manager

I joined the Library Sector back in 1994 as a Learning Resources Assistant in a very small Learning Resources room attached to a very small Art Library in a very small local Art College. My main love is Art and Design and I really loved this job. Working in an Art College was hilarious and you never knew what you might see next.

I found I enjoyed working with Library staff and being  in the Education sector and I was lucky enough to be promoted over the years finally ending up as the Learning Resources Manager for the Sheppard Library at Middlesex University.  This involved being the senior manager for the Library, the Computer Centre and the AV team. I came to UCD in 2007 and was very happy to take up the role of Library Services Officer.

The last twenty years have been a time of enormous change in Libraries and there have been new buildings, new technology, and new services.  I have enjoyed the challenges and the opportunity to have worked in a sector that is always moving forward and yet at the same time has a duty to look after the past. Growing up I had always enjoyed libraries and was a great user of them but I never would have guessed that I would have had a career in them spanning 24 years.


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