Now online – over 600 photographs from the albums of G. & T. Crampton, one of Dublin’s best-known construction companies

UCD Digital Library is delighted to present a significant collection of photographs from the albums of G. & T. Crampton Ltd., one of Dublin’s best-known construction companies.

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G & T. Crampton Ltd. was founded by George J. Crampton in 1879. The present name dates to 1905, reflecting the founder’s partnership with his nephew Tom Crampton. For most of its history, G. & T. Crampton Ltd. was based in Ballsbridge, where it was responsible for numerous buildings including the former fire station, library, US Embassy, former Jury’s hotel and many office blocks. It earned an excellent reputation for quality, with its joinery works being particularly celebrated, and was also known as a ‘good’ employer.

While its activities have spanned all sectors, including commercial, industrial, residential, education and hospitality, G. & T. Crampton Ltd. is perhaps most associated in the public mind with its private housing developments. The term ‘Crampton-built’ is frequently employed by estate agents to signify the high quality of its dwellings at Herbert Park, Booterstown and Clonskeagh. Throughout the twentieth century, the company was also heavily involved in building public housing schemes for Dublin Corporation. Although long-associated with Dublin, G. & T. Crampton Ltd. has undertaken work throughout Ireland and overseas, ranging from new builds to extensions, expansions and refurbishments.

At the heart of Dublin’s development for over a century, G. & T. Crampton Ltd. has been responsible for many iconic buildings, including the UCD building at Earlsfort Terrace (now the National Concert Hall), the St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, and the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC).

This collection contains 667 photographs, taken between 1892 and 1988, which represent a visual record of the building projects the firm undertook. The digital versions of the photographs were given to UCD Digital Library by Assoc. Prof. Joseph Brady, UCD School of Geography, with the permission of G. & T. Crampton Ltd.

View the collection online at

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