Acquisition of the Maurice Harmon Library & Archives

An event was held in the James Joyce Library Link 2 space last Thursday, October 5 to mark the transfer of the extensive book and manuscript archive of Maurice Harmon, Emeritus Professor of Anglo-Irish Literature UCD, co-founder and director of the MPhil in Irish Studies at UCD and distinguished writer and poet, to the care of UCD Special Collections. The event was attended by Maurice and his wife Maura, as well as their daughter Máire and many other guests.



UCD Librarian Dr John B. Howard, Registrar and Vice President of UCD Mark Rogers and Chris Murray, Emeritus Professor of Drama and Theatre History, UCD School of English, Drama and Film all spoke of Harmon’s career as a scholar and editor, and about his writings and the impact and importance of his work.

The archives come to UCD in excellent order, with a published bibliography, a full listing of the items included in it, and with the correspondence already sorted by publication and author – authors who are renowned 20th century Irish literary figures.

The archive will formally be called ‘The Maurice Harmon Archive, poetry and related papers’ where it will become part of the UCD Heritage Collection.

For photos of the event held last Thursday, please see our Flickr album.  A popular photo taken by UCD student Francesca Mele and circulated on Instagram and Twitter also showed the Harmons strolling on campus shortly before the event in the James Joyce Library.

Maurice Harmon has also read some of his poetry for inclusion in the Irish Poetry Reading Archive, which can be viewed here.


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