UCD Library and UCD exams

It’s almost that time of the year again…UCD exams!

As we all know the library will be very busy from now until Christmas, with students coming in to study for the upcoming exams seven days a week.

Don’t be a Space Hog!

As always, study spaces in all five UCD Library locations will be at a premium. Spare a thought for your fellow students who are actively looking for somewhere to sit. If you’re leaving the Library for any length of time please take your things and free up the space.

We will once again be running our “Space Hog” campaign from Monday, 27 November. Look for our tweets and on our website homepage for more throughout the exams period.


Library Opening Hours

We are currently open longer in the run-up to exams, and on the weekends during exams (9-10 & 16-17 December) we will extend the hours in the James Joyce Library from 8am until 12 midnight on both Saturday and Sunday. See our full timetable for full details.

Remember to take frequent breaks, stretch your legs and eat properly! Look out for more tips for staying healthy throughout this period on our various social media channels.

Thank you, and the best of luck with the studying!



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