Filming in the James Joyce Library

There will be filming around the James Joyce Library throughout this Thursday, 7th December, as we create a time lapse video showing a full day in a very busy university library – from dawn to dusk /opening to closing. We want to show the beginning of the day: the space filling up with students working and then the day ending, students leaving, and lights going off.

An AV team will be setting up a few cameras around the space and capturing the through-put of students. This, one of our busiest days, will have a high volume of people in and out of the space, and will make a very great impact, and tell a very good story. It will highlight the pressure points – queues for laptops, queues at desks, and more.

We will stay out of the way of students as much as possible, but to get the effect we are looking for we need to film at the very busiest time of the year.

We will be also provide in the final video some library statistics – our annual footfall, the number of hours of study per student, students from all Schools using the space, laptop loans, etc.

Edited footage will not be available until late January/February. We will circulate the footage as soon as we get it in 2018.

For more information contact us by email.




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