Launching EXPLORE – our new interactive floor plans

globe1stWe are the first library in the world to launch Explore, our new interactive floor plans! We hope you find it to be a useful way of not only exploring your library, but also that it saves you time in locating what you need quickly.

Try it today at


Try Explore!

Explore, our new interactive tool, allows you to scan all library floors, in all our libraries, along with the options to select a subject or library service.



explore3With Explore, you can select by Subjects, e.g. History, or Places, e.g. our Laptop Loan Service. Simply click on what you are looking for from either list from the Subjects or Places tab, located on the left side of your screen, or use the search box at the top left. Then the appropriate library floor plan(s) with your selection highlighted appears on the right.




You can also click on a floor plan, e.g. Level 2, and then select the Subjects and Places you wish to locate on that floor.

Try it today at